The Reading Program

Davis® Dyslexia Correction

The two major components of a Reading program are Davis Orientation Counseling® and Davis Symbol Mastery®.

thatOn Point Learning programs always includes both of these components.
The Reading Program teaches dyslexic students how to recognize and control the mental state that leads to distorted and confused perceptions of letters, words and numerals.

Through a simple mental technique, the students learn to turn off the thought processes that cause misperceptions.  Instead, they are able to restore their minds to a relaxed and focused state, suitable for reading and other studies.

Once Orientation is learned, the student is ready to build the conceptual skills that will allow them to overcome problems stemming from being a Dyslexic learner.  The hands on multi- sensory techniques give Dyslexic students the ability to think with symbols and words, so they can learn to read easily and with comprehension.  Using clay, students first work with the alphabet, numerals, and punctuation marks, to make sure that they have an accurate perception and understanding of these symbols.

Students then use clay to model sight words –the short abstract words, often encountered in reading, such as and, the, to, or it.  These words cause problems when dyslexic individuals cannot form a mental picture to go along with them.

Through Mastery, the student makes a three dimensional clay model of the meaning of each word, together with a model of the letters of the words.  With this approach, learning is permanent.

What to expect from a Reading Program:

• Improved Reading Fluency
• Improved Reading Comprehension
• Improved Spelling and Hand Writing
• Improved Self Confidence
• Gained understanding of how they learn which can be applied to all areas of learning.
After completing a Reading Program individuals gain an average of 3 grade levels in their
reading comprehension and fluency.  On Point Learning Solutions has a success rate of 97% of their clients achieving their personal goals. ( Individuals who are in the second grade will grow to grade level in their reading skills. Adult clients grow up to 6 grade levels in one 30 hour week)


Davis® Reading Program for Young Learners

The Davis® Reading Program for Young Learners is designed for “at risk” children ages 5-7 years old.
This parent-coached program prepares children with the essential tools to learn to focus and create solid foundations for learning language.

Parents will be present and participating for at least half of the program time.  Because parents are involved, they learn how best to help their children learn the fundamentals of reading, writing, math and spelling into the future.




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