Cognitive Development

Individuals seeking to increase their thinking skills that include language use, calculation, perception, memory, awareness, reasoning, judgment, learning, time management, social skills and imagination.


Individuals seeking to increase focus, staying on task, self monitor energy levels, motivation, anxiety, and social skills.


A non-invasive, gentle technique designed to allow autistic individuals to participate comfortably and fully in life.

Course Work

Individuals seeking to increase their skills in reading, reading comprehension, hand writing, mathematics, self expression through speech and/or writing.

On Point Learning Solutions

Janell provides  Correction Programs that specifically work with the gifts of the Visual Spacial Learner.  These programs  improve cognitive skill development, improves reading, reading comprehension, language skills, math, writing, memory and self management of focus.  These programs are a full sensory, brain re-training one-on-one facilitated program.  These programs also develop critical thinking skills, problem solving skills,  reduce social anxiety and anxiety in relation to academic settings, and time management.