Davis® Math Mastery Program

Math difficulties can be incredibly frustrating for everyone involved.

Dyscalculia, the word used to describe “math dyslexia” is actually very common.
In addition to obtaining the Orientation techniques that all programs provide, clients of the Math Program master concepts that are critical to understanding math through the utilization of hands on multi sensory techniques.

Some of these concepts include:
• Change
• Consequence
• Cause/Effect
• Before/After
• Time (without the concept of time, math will continue to be a problem)
• Sequence (working with math in symbols requires understanding sequential steps)
• Order/Disorder (putting math into symbols requires that the numerals be in their proper places, proper positions and proper conditions)

Using clay, clients then look at math fundamentals, including:that
• Addition
• Subtraction
• Multiplication
• Division
• Fractions
• The base-ten system of numerals
• Decimals

With that mastery comes the ability to understand the core parts of mathematics.
Like all the correction programs offered, the first step in the Math Program is to enable learners to control disorientation.

Once students can be sure that their perceptions are accurate, they can resolve any confusions about math with techniques that build upon their creative and imaginative strengths.




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